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Questions the ARI Seeks to Answer

1. What are the best markers for characterising inflammation and oxidative stress (OS) in the body?

2. Does reducing inflammation and OS translate to better health outcomes (irrespective of whether the BMI is within the 'normal' range)?

3. Can monitoring inflammation and OS serve as a predicitive diagnostic tool for lifestyle disease risk and to return a person to true physiological wellness?

4. Do certain foods/food combinations increase inflammation and OS within the body?

5. Are there foods/food components/additives that can reduce inflammation and OS in the body (corollary - do various antioxidant supplements actually reduce OS)?

6. What role does exercise play in reducing inflammation and OS? 

7.In addition to diet and exercise, what other elements of lifestyle contribute to inflammation and OS (e.g. anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, etc.)? 

Projects In Progress

Project Title: Survey of Caffeine (+energy drink) intakes in Australian adolescents.

P. Beamish, C. Grieve, P. Morey, R. Grant, J. Guest  

Project Title: Comparison of adipocytokine levels in age, sex and BMI matched vegetarian versus non-vegetarian adults. 

R. Grant, M. Morris, A. Bilgin, R. Pearce, S. Baines, C. Zeuschner 

Project Title: Correlation of modifiable lifestyle factors to markers of oxidative stress and inflammation; application to the development of a clinically relevant 'wellness' diagnostic score.
(Currently recruiting participants. If interested, please contact us)

R. Grant, P. Illes, A. Bilgin, J. Guest, C. Tung 

Project Title: Evaluation of the 5:2 intermitten energy restriction (IER) diet.

R. Grant, B. Hokin, J. Guest, K. Jays, C. Tung, c. Zeuschner, R. Shirley 

PhD and Masters Projects In Progress 

Project Title: Correlation of key markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in human cerebrospinal fluid across a wide age range with diet, lifestyle and psychosocial factors.


Project Title: Cord Blood Banking - An Australian Experience Identification of Factors that affect Post Thaw Stem Cell Viability and Recovery.

B. Pope

Project Title: Maternal Health and Wellness Study

M. Kwak  

Honours Projects

Project Title: Characterising the pharmacokinetics of buccal absorption of resveratrol and its effects on NAD+ levels in human serum

L. Roubaie

Other ARI Facilitated Projects

Project Title: Impact of San Day Infusion Centre treatment on the experience of pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue in cancer patients.

A. Temblett

Project Title: Comparison of gastric volumes and pH in lean and obese patients determined by endoscopy.

P. Stewart, S. Phillips

Past Projects

Project Title: Assessment of the effect of oral supplementation with polyphenols and/or carotenoids on key markers of oxidative stress over time and skin health following acute UV exposure.

R. Grant, O. Szeto

Project Title: Pilot study to assess the incidence and efficacy of treatment of H.pylori infection in a representative population from the Gyuto Monastery in Northern India.

R. Grant, C. Harrington, T. Borody, N. Hope

Project Title: Brain Biology, Food and Mood: Identifying neurobiological correlates to depression in adolescents.

R. Grant, M. Morris, A. Bilgin, R. Pearce, S. Baines, Ms C. Zeuschner

Project Title: Insulin resistance and childhood diabetes (Healthy under the skin you're in).

 R. Grant, M. Morris, A. Bilgin, R. Pearce,  S. Baines, C. Zeuschner